Monday, January 23, 2012

Foursquare Beta NOT Working

Okay, this morning I've seen some Facebook status from friends in different places using Foursquare to check-in their locations so I thought "hmmm.... looks fun!" So I downloaded it and installed using the Marketplace. 

When I launched it, it required me to login which means I have to register. So I registered using Facebook to register. Quite cool coz I don't need to enter most of my information. Then they asked me for a login name which is the email address and a password, so I did i.

After verifying everything etc... etc... I logged in on my mobile and VOILA! It didn't work.

Next thing I did was look it out at Google and check what could be wrong. It seems there are quite a number of people who can't sign-in. One particular person I saw was using the same phone as I am using Omnia i8000 or Omnia 2. So my theories as to why it didn't work are:

Omnia i8000 is not supported.
Foursquare doesn't use WiFi only GPRS packages or whatever is not free.

Whatever the reasons, I am not going to check it out anymore - Foursquare UNINSTALLED!

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