Friday, August 3, 2012

Cherry Pad Advance Facebook Support

I was quite disappointed that some of the Android applications were not supported by Cherry Pad Advance so I visited one of Cherry Mobile's booth just to inquire about this. Hey I've got nothing to lose. It's a good thing I've asked them. So for most of you there who wants to have Facebook App on their Cherry Pad Advance, the only way you can install it currently on your device is to download the file and install it manually. Actually, if your tablet is also not supported, you can probably use this method but use it at your own risk.

How can you install it manually? Here is a simple instruction I made for beginners.

  1. First, download the file Facebook for Android here or here at mirror1.  (The file won't be available for so long so please inform me if there is already a broken link so I can update it.)
  2. Connect a USB flash disk on your PC or using the usb cable that's included in the Cherry Pad Advance package, connect your tablet to your PC.
  3. On your tablet, slide-down on your screen or click the bottom-right corner of your screen in which time is displayed. You should be seing "USB Connected" - click it and turn on that feature.
  4. From your PC, copy the downloaded file to the directory of your choice in your tablet.
  5. Turn of the USB feature on your tablet.
  6. Back to your tablet, use any file explorer you have and locate the file that you've copied.
  7. Install and enjoy. Check the screenshots below to see it in action.
One more thing, your tablet may not allow you to install applications manually for security purposes. In order to allow manual installation, go to your tablet's settings, go to the tab "Security" and on "Device Administration" - check unknown services. Do not regularly install app manually, specially if you don't know or trust the application.

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