Friday, August 17, 2012

How to Video Chat with Android Tablet?

I was trying to prove to my mom that tablets can replace desktop PCs so I showed her that I can use Facebook. I even installed a game like what she plays in Facebook games but what I haven't tried is using chat with webcam. 

Now, using cheap android tablets like my Cherry Pad Advance has its own downside and one of it is not having support of most android apps on the market or Google Play. I don't know about the other tablets but with Cherry Pad Advance, I can use Facebook but with no video chat support. I've tried installing a Facebook application which enables you to use video chat but I was too afraid to give up most of my personal information which they require in order to use their application so I uninstalled it.

Skype was useful too, I was able to use the webcam but when I view the video on my other pc, the video was somehow unwatchable. The video shows a violet video with lots of grain and a silhouette of my son (yes, he was there testing with me). I tried it a few more times while changing the video setting on my Skype at the tablet. It didn't work.

The last thing on my mind was to use the Yahoo Messenger. So I've tried installing it which will require you to install the Yahoo Video/Audio plugin before you can use the video chat. It worked great. By the way, like Facebook, Yahoo Messenger does not support the cherry pad advance tablet so I have to manually install the application.

You can try downloading the application at Google Play if your tablet is supported but if it is not you can download it here:

Have a nice day chatting with your family and friends. I've completed my brag on my mother and was convinced that her next computer purchase won't be a desktop anymore, it would be an android tablet. A clone desktop PC will cost you a P15,000 (Philippine Peso) while a cheap tablet can cost P5,999 (Cherry Pad Advaance 7") or a 10" which still cost a little lower (around 12k-14k Php) than a desktop PC. Of course if your PC usage is only for chats and internet then tablet would be a great and cheap replacement. But then there is an office suite for android tablets too, I have to test that first. I've heard its a great MS Office alternative. Here are some Yahoo Messenger screens guys.

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