Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SPB Streaming Radio Application

While browsing Microsoft's Marketplace for a streaming radio application, I found a 30-day Trial SPB Radio Application and was thrilled at its performance. I've also tried Resco's Radio Application and I can really say that SPB's streaming radio app is way much better with regards to its interface and ease-of-use. 

The only downside for SPB Radio is that they don't have the streaming radios station from the Philippines that I really like. I was able to listen to the Philippine Sreaming Radio Stations while using Resco's app. With Resco's app, I can't find any setting or url for the radio stations that I like but with SPB, you can set each of the streaming radios in your list.

Here are SPB Radio's features:
  • Built in radio stations catalog with 1500+ stations
  • Favorites
  • All countries, all genres
  • Custom stations
  • Station search
For only $9.99 you are able to buy this product. To purchase it go here. For a trial copy, you may download it here or download the application via Marketplace. This is a windows mobile application.

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