Saturday, October 27, 2012

Was Lost But Now It's Found

After a long trip from Manila to Jeddah last October 12 and after me and my kids were reunited once again with my wife (here is the story - Family Reunited), it was time for us to unpack our things. While we were unpacking things, I accidentally misplaced my Cherry Pad Advance and it was only recently (last Friday( that we were able to find it. Absentmindedly, I secured my device on my son's drawer where I used to hide it back in Manila. That is why, I was unable to review some new apps for a while.

But all is well now since we found my tool for reviewing applications. More updates to come and freebies. Thank you once again and hope to see you all on our next update.

You can check my Cherry Pad Advance Review if you are interested. Thanks again.

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