Thursday, October 4, 2012

Coby Kyros Workaround: Revisited!

Okay, since Google Play or Play Store can't be installed applications or games can't be installed on Coby Kyros MID7048. GetJar isn't reliable as well, most applications weren't installable and some were not even the real ones (eg. Temple Run probably the initial development copy) so we need a workaround or just refund my sister's money.

my sister and her Coby Kyros
We went to SM North Edsa: Games N Gadget's shop to try to refund the items. Of course, returning isn't as fast as buying, it would take you hours of interrogation and since there weren't any defects on the products they have to ask the Coby dealers for possible solution to our dilemma. It took us more than an hour before we reached Mr. Abraham of Coby and once I was able to talk to him, he explained how I could install the Google Play on Coby.

The Workarund
I was asked to go to 1Mobile's website and download their application 1Mobile Market. Using their application I am able to install the Google Play - he said. So we decided to retreat for a while and try their solution. We went to Burger King because they have an exclusive internet connection for their customers and their internet connection is pretty much reliable so we went and just ate our lunch there, a 3pm lunch.

Once we installed the application, the application immediately showed us most of their top downloads - "hmmm.... not bad!". So at first we tried to look for the Google Play but we didn't find any but since 1Mobile's application is also a vending application, we tried to download some of the most addicting games we could find their. Actually, their application is not so bad after all, they actually have lots of things to offer in which I didn't find at Google Play probably because they're already archived or didn't pass Google Play's quality control.

The New Review

Okay, we may have overly rated Coby Kyros with pure "It Sucks!" on our previous review (click here) but all seems well now. She and her boyfriend are both beginning to love their new tablets as soon as they were able to install applications. I think the new generation cheap android tablets keep getting better and better when it comes to reliability. I remember people remarking the old Android tablets to get easily broken when installing applications. Still, no matter how good or expensive your tablet is, if the owner doesn't know how to take good care of their things, they'll more likely to break it easily than people who can take care of their cheap tablets.

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