Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Advanced Task Killer App Guide and Review

Here is another Android Apps for everyone that is very, very useful for everyone. Advanced Task Killer forces idle applications that are not in use which makes your smartphone or Android tablet more faster in processing more applications. It is a very great utility and it is a must-have for every Android tablet users.

You can also modify which applications you can forcefully close and with just a click of their widget, applications you chose will be closed immediately. I've tested it on Cherry Pad Advance and it is working great.

To use the ONE-Click option
Tap your tablet desktop (don't tap on an icon) and hold till it gives you an option of adding a shortcut to an application or a widget. Tap on the widget and add "Advance Task Killer Free". 
You can download it for free at Google Play or just download it here. That's it folks. Enjoy using your Android tablet.

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