Sunday, September 2, 2012

Flow Free Game Review

Hey! To all of you there who wants another challenging game to play with, here is yet another game which will play a trick in your mind and is great in stimulating your brain. Mind you, my child loves to play this game too and I don't mind letting him play this game because I know it's a great educational game for him. Although sometimes it makes him frustrated whenever he can't solve the puzzle.

Flow Free is a game from Big Duck Games and is very easy to play with. The rules of the game is only to connect the circles to their corresponding pair using the entire board. You must not reuse the same path you've taken for one of your circles or you'll break their connection. Sounds pretty easy? Go grab a copy and find out for yourself.

The game is for FREE and you can get it at Google Play or just download it here. Overall, it is a great android game and is really fun to play with. It's a must to play with. Thanks again for yet another android game review, please come back for more. It works great with my Cherry Pad tablet or probably cheap android tablets.

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