Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Omnia i8000 "My Storage" is Missing Fix

Okay, two days ago I was trying to use my omnia's camera to take a video of my so cute baby boy when it just hanged. Don't really know the reason why that time but it did hang and the battery was totally getting hot so I had to remove the back cover and detach the batteries to reset the phone. When it came back, didn't even bother trying to take a video because the moment was gone already so to make it short, I didn't really know what was happening until last night when I was about to open my Bible Surfer application on our prayer meeting. Upon trying to execute the app, it gave me an error so I checked the other applications if it did the same thing and was surprised to see most of my apps (installed on "My Storage") wasn't working at all and to make matters worst, my pictures and videos are gone too.

This morning I resorted to hardware reset my omnia i8000. If you are curious, yes I did format my device's applications were totally gone but that was after I tried to look for a solution. The problem was I didn't use the right keyword in google to find the solution so I made the format before I found the right solution.

I found the solution at MoDaCo forums, thank goodness. Anyways, I just installed the application found in there and then detached the batteries and put it back again and turned it on once again. And that's it. I found "My Storage" once again.

Here is the solution, check it out here.

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